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Benefits of Studying in Canada

Benefits Studying in Canada

This course is carefully planned to educate education consultants how to successfully assist help and supervise students towards their higher education into Canadian Colleges and Universities. And pass the information to peers for optimal performance to recruit students by show benefits of studying in Canada.

How You Will Benefit


  • Opportunity Partnering with Canadian Universities and Colleges
  • How to allocate the correct amount of time for recruiting students
  • Part-Time work and Post Study Work Permit understanding
  • Extensive knowledge on how post-study/graduate work permit can lead to permanent residence.
  • Opportunity partnering with local immigration consultants
  • Visiting Canadian Universities and Colleges across Canada



What You Will Cover

  • Degree / Diploma / English Language / Short Term Programs available in Canada
  • How to choose the best program for your client
  • The Associate Degree and Community Colleges
  • What are the top 10 reasons for attending a community college in Canada
  • The Bachelor’s Degree and Post Graduate Programs
  • Identify Types and Sources of Financial Aid
  • Sources of University Funding for Graduate Programs
  • Other Sources of Funding for Graduate Programs
  • Where Can You Find More Information about Financial Aid Opportunities
  • Know the Application University / College Application Requirements
  • Prepare a Successful Application
  • Plan Clients Application Timeline
  • Mark Your Calendar for Admissions Options
  • Working On-Campus
  • Working Off-Campus
  • Internship or Co-op Program
  • Open Work Permits for the Spouses of International Students
  • Benefits of Working while Studying
  • What is a Post-Study /Graduate Work Permit?
  • Who is Eligible for a Post-Study/Graduate Work Permit?
  • How can a Post-Study/Graduate Work Permit lead to Permanent Residence?


Ways to Register


Program Fee: $3,999.00

DISCOUNTS: 25% Discount for Education Consultants (Few conditions applies)

SPECIAL OFFER: International participants Pay the

workshop/program fee after obtaining a VISA from the Canadian High Commission. All fees must be paid after obtaining the visa 6 WEEKS prior to the workshop start date.


Date: April, July, November