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CCPDL offers a global tuition scholarship program for qualifying international students. After receiving an offer of acceptance from the CCPDL, a student may request an application form for a scholarship, to be submitted to the Scholarship Committee for review.

The Scholarship Requirement defines the minimum acceptable grade a student must earn in order to be eligible for a scholarship at CCPDL. Please note that this program is highly competitive and limited. A student meeting the eligibility requirements is not guaranteed an award. CCPDL's Scholarship Committee has the discretion in awarding scholarships to eligible applicants.

An awarded student failing to receive a minimum acceptable grade in a course may not continue his or her program of studies without permission from CCPDL's Scholarship Committee. An explanation and justification from the student must be filed with the Committee.

A student who fails to maintain an overall score of 80% will automatically be withdrawn from the scholarship scheme or may not continue his or her program of study without special permission of the institution acting on the recommendation of the CCPDL's Scholarship Committee. This recommendation must include a review of the student's status and a program of remediation. To continue in the program, the student must remove the probationary status (return to an overall 80% average) within the next twelve months.

However, students with an overall past academic record of 3.2 (minimum) out of 4.0 GPA scale or 4.0 (minimum) out of 5.0 GPA scale are also eligible. The above minimum scholarship requirements apply to ALL students enrolled in ANY course at CCPDL. Additional requirements may exist for certain programs. Students with verifiable work experience in the area of study may also qualify for scholarships.

Minimum Acceptable Grade - 80% and above.


Applications for scholarship must be made alongside with the application to the Institution for the program of study. Please review the application checklist for other required documents needed for application to CCPDL.