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Toronto Board of Trade


Their mission is to advance the success of our members and the entire Toronto region.

We facilitate opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking, business development,

and city building.


Involvement with the Toronto Board of Trade delivers valuable professional and personal

advantages for businesses, volunteers and employees, and thought leaders.


Businesses: Investing in the Toronto Board of Trade provides measurable returns.

Cost savings. Valuable business resources. Plus the benefit of the Board's unique

brand building and networking opportunities. And effective policy and advocacy work, too.


Volunteers and employees: People who want to be centre stage on issues that have an impact

on the economic, social, and cultural vitality of the Toronto region. The Board is an ideal

forum for connecting with decision makers, sharing expertise and making a difference.

For yourself. For your business. For the city as a whole.


Thought leaders: The Board is the authoritative voice of Canada's most prominent business community.

A catalyst for change. The Board fosters powerful collaborations. Advocates for a strong economic

climate, exceptional quality of life, and global competitiveness.