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The dictionary can be helpful when you are writing an essay or another assignment for school and are not sure of the spelling or meaning of certain words. You can find every word in the English language along with their definitions inside the dictionary, making it is a very useful thing to have and use.

A dictionary is a great companion to stretch a small vocabulary. When you come across a word you're not familiar with, a dictionary helps you by defining the word and giving you examples of its use in a sentence. If you hear the word rather than reading it you may not be sure how to spell it. This is where a spelling-tolerant dictionary like LookWAYup can help: a reasonably close phonetic spelling is good enough. If you read the word, you may be faced with an irregular plural or participle. For instance, if you see the word "spoken" you need to look up the word "speak".

Another way of using a dictionary is to translate a term into your language. There are a number of online dictionaries, including LookWAYup, which will take a word in English and translate it into your language, or vice-versa. One of the features that is built into LookWAYup is that it associates the translation of the word with the sense of the word. This means that it provides a full definition, examples, and thesaurus entries, not just "you give me a string of letters and I give you a string of letters". If you have an internet-enabled mobile phone, or a palm or Blackberry, you can use LookWAYup anywhere, not just when you are sitting at a computer. If you see a word on a restaurant menu or an airport sign, simply type it into your mobile device and you will get an instant definition.

Other free online dictionaries include:

The Free Dictionary

Oxford Dictionaries